PSE and Wrong Creek Fire

The PSE project is progressing on a haphazard basis. The crew installing the poles are on call for emergencies along with our pole installation. They were called off our project to go to Kent for a transformer issue last week. With the heat and air conditioning use the grid is having problems, which is impacting the project. They also have a schedule of which poles to work on..when they returned they went to the Ranch to work. Anyway we expect them to complete our portion as soon as they can, I watched the Vac truck work and talked to the operator who assured me that there is little chance of them damaging our water main, which is good news. They removed the cottonwood tree in the commons when they placed the new poles there….

Wrong Creek Fire (initially Jim Creek Fire). Located on the 74 road across the washed out bridge on the West Fork of the White River. While returning from Enumclaw Saturday this fire put up an active smoke plume that was visible from Mud Mountain Flats. This was about 11:00 AM, at 2:30 PM I viewed the fire from the Lonesome Lake Road (Rd 7130). I met with the Field Observer who was monitoring the fire and gathered what information I could about probable cause, start date, strategies employed to date with results and the current status (Full Suppression). The fire will take boots on the ground for full suppression and most resources are committed to other fires, all the type 1 Hotshot crews are committed as of today. However, a type 3 Incident Management Team arrived today (Sunday) and are stationed at the Greenwater Fire Station. They will begin to gather necessary resources for putting the fire out. I am sure they will have an Information Board on site where fire status information will be available. The fire poses no threat to CVHA and there is no weather or other information that would change this for seven days. As always our Fire Chief Paul Sowers will be looking out for our best interests.

GCastellane for the CVHA Board of Directors.

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