2016 Annual Meeting Notes

The 2016 Annual Meeting Notes are available for homeowner review. Feedback welcome anytime. The notes will be voted for approval at the 2017 annual meeting.

The 2016 budget is also available for review. There was one change from the annual meeting. Electric bill was missing from the draft available at the meeting and it has been added in.

Both docs are available in the CVHA Online Document Archive.

1st Quarter 2016 Board Meeting

The first quarter Board meeting will be at the Rush’s home (16608 Crystal Dr. E.), 3:30 pm, Saturday, 20 October.

All CVHA Homeowners are invited.


  1. Introduction of new Board members.
  2. Election of officers
  3. Water manager report
  4. Board  procedures – Review of Board decision making process,    External and internal communication
  5. Treasurer report
  6. Budget update
  7.  Dangerous tree removal, identify and prioritize
  8.   Introduction / discussion of six year budget development
  9.   Document paperwork responsibilities of water manager and  Board.
  10. Create guide for future Board members to follow to do required reports / paperwork.
  11. New Business