CVHA Board needs new members

Two CVHA board members are nearing the end of their three-year terms.  We are looking for part-time or full-time homeowners.  This is a great way to meet neighbors and to help our community.  You only need to attend quarterly meetings and have a willingness to help your neighbors.  Please contact any board member for more information.

CVHA Nov 7 board meeting agenda

CVHA Board Meeting
                               Thursday, November 7, 2013    

Location: Jeff Barth’s Home 16804 Rainbow Lane East 

6:00p-8:30p? – All homeowners are invited. 

General Board Meeting
1.      Review & approval of minutes from Sept 20
2.      Water manager’s report
3.      Treasurer’s report
4.      Budget preparation for 2014
a.      2014 Budget approval
5.      Recruiting new board members
6.      Annual letter, contents & annual meeting date/GWCC reservation
Including water usage reduction meeting (WUE public forum notice)
7.      Common Area