Hazard Mitigation

CVHA is currently working with Pierce County Emergency Management to update our 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan and produce a 2020-25 Edition.

Once updated and approved by FEMA, CVHA along with governments will be able to leverage emergency funding for damage.

Currently, CVHA may be affected by the following natural hazards: earthquake, landslide, volcanic, flood, severe weather, and WUI wildfire.

Our plan will identify mitigation measures we can implement to lessen the hazard impacts on our infrastructure (water system).

Part of the planning effort is community outreach for comments and other input.

Therefore, we have posted the current plan in the CVHA Docs for your review.  You can also access the plan here: 2024 – Google Drive

Email cvhapres@gmail.com with any comments/questions.

CVHA Board of Directors