Mail Theft

There was an apparent theft of mail from a mailbox in CV1 the past few days.  This has been an ongoing problem every year for as long as I have lived in the Village.  What can be done:

–If possible pick up your mail as soon as close to delivery time as possible.

–Buy a locking mailbox.  They will limit theft of the opportunistic kind, that is those that “grab and go”.

–Do not mail items from your box with the flag up and try not to have important documents and items delivered to your box.

–Be vigilant of strange vehicles or persons around the mailboxes.  I know this is difficult with rentals and people driving in to look at elk.  Then there are those taking a drive to escape the virus restrictions.

–Get license numbers and descriptions of suspicious vehicles/people.   Who to report to if your information can be directly tied to a theft occurence?  WSP or the Pierce  County Sheriffs Office.  For local information your information can be shared via the e-mail link below.

–Your board is open to any other ideas, they can be dropped in the CVHA mailbox in CV1 (17222 Crystal Dr. E.) or e-mail to