Pierce County Sheriff Patrols

There have been a number of inquiries regarding the number of Pierce County Sheriffs seen around CV in the last week. I was able to speak with a PCS officer in CV1 today.

He said that they are stepping up patrols in the Greenwater area due to an increased number of transients seen in the vicinity of the FS 70 road. With the transients come drug activity and with drug activity comes petty theft and other criminal activity.

We are asked to report any suspicious activity, missing items (small tools, camping equipment, etc.) or illegal shooting. You can make a non-emergency online report rather than contacting the PCS directly. This online reporting might not be responded to by an officer, but all reports are reviewed by a sergeant and tracked to indicate increases in crime in a community and trigger increased PCS attention.

You can read more about the online reporting at: http://www.co.pierce.wa.us/index.aspx?NID=1944

Hancock Announced Herbicide Application Near Village

Hancock gave CVHA notice of planned herbicide application near our community to happen sometime between Sept 5 2016 – Oct 14 2016.

See links below for more details from Hancock.

Hancock Herbicide Application Map

Notice of Hancock Spraying

Links to data sheets on the herbicides are below.

Randy from Hancock wrote that “these herbicides are the least toxic (signal word Caution or Warning) and that we apply them at  significantly lower rates than allowed by the label for each chemical.

Alligare Imazapry 4 SL_SDS

Burn Ban

Crystal Village is under DNR fire protection and DNR just issued a statewide burn ban.

Outdoor burning, including campfires in fire pits and the use of charcoal briquettes, is banned on forestland under DNR fire protection as of noon, Wednesday, August 17 2016.

Outdoor gas grills are allowed.

More details here:

Please inform your family and guests of the burn ban.

The board of directors will be placing signs at the villages this weekend.


Water system leak found

We would like to give a shout out to Dale Mitchell in CV2 for reporting a couple of small, unusual puddles forming near the street at his driveway.

This turned out to be a water system leak that may have leaked 15% to 20% of our average monthly water usage.

Please follow Dale’s example and let us know if you see something out of the ordinary that may indicate a water leak. You can email your report to cvhapres@gmail.com or contact any of the Board members.

Thanks again Dale for the observation.


CVHA Common Area Map

Crystal Village has some nice common area for homeowners and guests to enjoy. See a map of the common area as well as trails and access points below.


Click the map to see a bigger version. Sorry for the low quality of this map. It is accurate but doesn’t look great. If anybody has better skills and could make a more clear map, I’d happily replace this one.


Community meeting with PSE

Community Meeting With Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

July 20, 2016 Wednesday 6 to 8 pm at the Hwy 410 Community Center

PSE representatives will present the transmission grid work completed, what is currently in progress, and what PSE is looking at for the coming years.

They will also discuss the formidable future project of relocating PSE’s transmission line between the old Weyerhaeuser bridge (removed years ago) and the Greenwater substation.  Numerous challenges and issues for this transmission line relocation project include the riparian zone management, the actual topographic parameters, and coordination with WSDOT, USFS, State Parks and Muckleshoot Federal Corporation.

Another topic is the voltage surges that have impacted some of the residents.  After the short presentation, most time will be reserved for Q and A.

CVHA Water System & Common Area Maintenance

Thanks to  Jeff Barth, Diane Gebenini, and Mark Pedersen for their work removing a lot of the scotch broom. Thanks Jeff for organizing the event.

Over the last month many CVHA board members and their families worked to have trees removed that were endangering the water system and cleaned up scotch broom that was creating fire hazard. The water system tree removal project is about 60% complete. Thanks for the hard work folks!

Thanks to Paul McNabb and company who hauled 80% of the brush away for disposal in Scott’s yard. Scott, Gary and their wives hauled the limbs from CV3, Limbs from Rainbow Lane, and scotch broom. All the limbs and scotch broom were burned at Gary, Scotts’ and Gerry’s place. No chipper rental will be needed this year. These volunteers saved every homeowner money with their effort and it is much appreciated. Without this volunteer work we would need to hire contractors. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is still more scotch broom clean up to do this year and any help from the community members would be greatly appreciated. Scheduled work parties don’t seem to work for most people’s schedules. If you can help at any time, please contact us and we can work around your schedule.  cvhapres@gmail.com.

Greeenwater WA