Encroachment Motion for CVII Lot 11.

There has long been an encroachment on the CVHA common area by CVII Lot 11. The CVHA Board had filed a notice of encroachment with Pierce County. Now that the home has a prospective buyer, there is a driving force to see if the encroachment issue can be resolved.

We will leave this open for homeowner comment for 3 days. After the comment period, the Board will vote on the motion.

Comments are welcome directly here on the blog or via email: cvhapres@gmail.com.

There is an official survey and a picture of the area attached. “Tract A” is a common area.

Proposed Resolution:
We agree that the CVHA Board will accept the line that CVHA put in as an approximation of the property line, but the property line shown on the survey (dated 9/10/2007), done by Larson will be considered accurate.

The fence, hot tub. electrical, plumbing must be removed from the Common Area. The roof structure and hot tub cement pad may remain and be donated, in writing, to CVHA and will become CVHA property.

CVHA will remove the encumbrance filed with Pierce County, after the aforementioned actions are taken.