Puget Sound Energy Pole Replacement Update

Expect the new poles to be dropped in CV1 in the next week or so and work on replacing the poles to begin about the first week of July. At this time we are going to either use a locator service to locate our water line at each pole site or use an approximate method of location. PSE plans on using a Vactor truck to make the holes for the poles (15 each), this will greatly reduce any possibility of damage to our water system. Even with the Vactor truck we may have intermittent water outages during the vactor part of the project. These outages will be confined mainly to Crystal Drive East and Rainbow lane. Homeowners will be informed as soon as possible of any interruption to their water service. A big thanks to our water manager Chet Mowbray for heading this project up.

G.Castellane for CVHA Board of Directors.

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