2021 Annual Meeting Info.

In 2019 your Board approved sharing our documents on-line as a way to save you money.    You will also receive a postcard from CVHA notifying you that our 2021 information is now available on this blog under “CVHA DOCS”

The Annual meeting is cancelled due to COVID-19 so you want to review the information so that you can:

  1. Review the 2020 annual meeting minutes
  2. Look over the 2021 budget
  3. Vote for two Board members for the open positions

2021 Dues & Annual Meeting

Great News…no increase in dues for 2021.

The Annual Meeting scheduled for January 16 is cancelled due to COVID-19.  All information normally provided at the meeting will be available on this blog beginning in December.  Homeowners will receive a postcard when the information is available and will also be able to request a hard-copy of the documents.

Commons and Vehicle Use

The commons has been closed to motorized vehicle use except by authorized users (PSE, Century Link, etc.) and by CVHA doing maintenance in the area.  Temporary signs have been posted at a few access points that have been used as access points.

Issues with noise, resource damage, potential user conflicts, potential liability issues and wildlife disturbance were considered in the decision.

Any comments can be directed to cvhapres@gmail.com

CVHA Board of Directors


Mail Theft

There was an apparent theft of mail from a mailbox in CV1 the past few days.  This has been an ongoing problem every year for as long as I have lived in the Village.  What can be done:

–If possible pick up your mail as soon as close to delivery time as possible.

–Buy a locking mailbox.  They will limit theft of the opportunistic kind, that is those that “grab and go”.

–Do not mail items from your box with the flag up and try not to have important documents and items delivered to your box.

–Be vigilant of strange vehicles or persons around the mailboxes.  I know this is difficult with rentals and people driving in to look at elk.  Then there are those taking a drive to escape the virus restrictions.

–Get license numbers and descriptions of suspicious vehicles/people.   Who to report to if your information can be directly tied to a theft occurence?  WSP or the Pierce  County Sheriffs Office.  For local information your information can be shared via the e-mail link below.

–Your board is open to any other ideas, they can be dropped in the CVHA mailbox in CV1 (17222 Crystal Dr. E.) or e-mail to cvhapres@gmail.com



Criminal Apprehended

Recently a potentially dangerous criminal was taken into custody in OUR neighborhood.   Read below for information,  Please be aware of what is going on in the area and report any suspicious activity.


———- Forwarded message ——— From: Christopher Hurst <chrishurst2000@gmail.com> Date: Tue, Jan 14, 2020, 6:44 pm To: Smith, Tyler D -FS <tyler.d.smith@usda.gov>, Griffin, James V -FS <JVGriffin@fs.fed.us> Cc: McNeil, Brian -FS <brian.mcneil@usda.gov>, Coughlin, Mary -FS <mary.coughlin@usda.gov>, Schmutz, Todd – FS <todd.schmutz@usda.gov>, Schramm, Martie -FS <martie.schramm@usda.gov>

Tyler & James,

Today at about 1PM Pierce County Deputies arrested a violent fugitive on a warrant on the 70 Road at the Winnebago that we reported to you earlier.  He was in the Chevy Colbalt when he was arrested, the one that built the camp on 28 Mile Creek that we sent you the photos of on a number of occasions.  He is one of the guys from that camp, the Winnebago and the pop-up tent trailer and White Jeep.  They are all part of the same criminal organization.

The community was apprised that a violent fugitive was in Greenwater and we had the attached photo of him that was passed around.  This information came from a Detective with a bail firm who hunts fugitives.  We just got the picture yesterday.  He is part of the group of criminals who operate out of the places we have already reported to the USFS on a number of occasions.  We also believe that they are the ones who burglarized the USFS property on the 73 Road.

This morning, Jake, the caretaker from CRR, said that he saw the guy on the 70 Road yesterday when he was driving around.  I went up the 70 this morning like I usually do to check the signs and saw him coming from the Winnebago, which has been parked there for at least 2 months at the second 7013 pull off (and was parked on the 7030 for most of the summer) and walking to the Chevy Colbalt which was parked at the 7013 across from the gate.  I went to the Greenwater Store and had them call Pierce County who sent 4 officers in multiple vehicles up to arrest him.  They came quickly and took him into custody.  The woman who I sent you guys a photo of at the encampment fled into the woods.  I am not sure if they caught her or not.

I talked to the bail guy who told me that this guy (Jeremy Olson) is extremely violent and has spent 20 years in prison for Murder in the Second Degree.  They arrested him on Burglary, Drug and Assault Charges today.  Evidently he has also assaulted government agents and is considered to be extremely dangerous.

We have sent many emails and photos of these guys for quite a while now and we understand that it takes time to make a case.  We very much appreciate all of the USFS folks who work up here and how they help our community and the forests, and we also know how stretched thin you guys are having to cover so much territory.

But here is my concern:

Just yesterday Brian and Mary of the USFS went on a tour up the 70 Road in uniform and in a USFS vehicle.  Had they come across this guy, and for any reason, come in contact with him, they are not armed and might have been assaulted or killed by him.  The same could have happened to Cody or Cameron or any other person wearing a uniform.

The Winnebago, the Chevy Colbalt, the Chevy truck and the White Jeep are all connected and they have also been committing significant crimes of cutting many trees and building the camp on 28 Mile Creek, not to mention the burglaries in the greater Greenwater Community and very likely the theft from the USFS.  They have been living up here in the woods illegally for many months.  When we have cleaned up their areas, as reported previously, there is much evidence of drugs and possibly stolen property.  Some of it is still at the encampment at the 28 Mile area that seems to have now been abandoned for the winter.  However the Winnebago is still there and it houses convicted murders and fugitives from the law.  This is putting our entire community at risk, not to mention the rest of the public who use the forests in the winter for recreation and also the USFS employees who might come in contact with one of these people and get injured or killed.

We really hope you can remove the illegal campers and tow these vehicles somewhere out of the forest and charge the suspects so they might not come back and commit more crimes and put forest users at risk.  I think we are lucky that no one got hurt up here and 7 months is too long for them to have been here in the first place.



CVHA Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Our current FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan is expiring in July of 2020.  I have attended two Pierce County Emergency Management meetings that address updating the current plan by December 31st of this year.

The plan itself allows us to apply for grants to reduce hazard threats to the CVHA water system and will expedite FEMA funding if our system is damaged by any o f the 13 of 16 hazards identified  under the plan.  A 17th hazard will be added during this update, that hazard is Wildland Fire.

Our plan is one of the smallest and I do not anticipate any difficulty with the  update .  The CVHA water system is our only asset.

A  special thank you to former CVHA president Dee Patterson who completed the plan we are now operating  under.


G. Castellane for the CVHA Board of Directors.

Upper White River Migration Study Update

I talked to project manager Angela Angove and she informed me that the new website for this project will be active in the next 1-3 weeks. I will receive and provide the link to all CVHA river front homeowners and any other interested parties. She is also sending CVHA some brochures that have some basic information that I will distribute.
Not much has changed on the timeline, field work to start in June or July of this year and results not expected until years end or early in 2020.
The website will have contact information whereby homeowners can directly contact Pierce County for questions or concerns.

Greeenwater WA