September 10 Board Meeting Agenda

Place and Time:   Greenwater Community Center at 10:00 a.m.  September 10, 2017


1,  Call to order and meeting protocol standards

2.  Approval of prior meeting minutes.

3.  Water Management Report.  Water management activities since last report.

4.  Financial Activity Report:  Financial Activity since last meeting with balances in checking savings and CD.  Projection of 2017 end year balance in checking.

5.  Financial Planning and Projections:  Projections of future savings balances

6.  2018 Preliminary Budget Proposal:  Admin and Water Costs.  Water Manger Salary.  Discussion on 2018 homeowner dues assessment.

7.  Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Update (=:  What is WUE and our current status.

8.  Trees on Water Line Status:  Locations and numbers left.  Removal options.

CVHA Records Reorganization

For the past few months the CVHA records have been reviewed by Scott Rush and myself,  the goal is to establish a process where we have a  central filing system for all our records.  To accomplish this, the older records (2009 and earlier) have been reviewed to ascertain what can be shredded.  Slated for shredding are old invoices, billings and dues payment records for the years 2009 and earlier.

Any items of historical or meaningful nature have been pulled and incorporated into the appropriate permanent files.

This would leave us with complete records for the years 2010-2016 with 2017 pending.  These are in addition to all water system records and those records that are a permanent part of the CVHA files.  At present all these files are stored in filing cabinets at the pump station.

any comments or concerns can be sent to

g.castellane for CVHA Board.

CVHA Water System Work Day

Posted for Chet Mowbray by g.castellane

There will be a water system work day starting at 10:00 a.m. on August 26, 2017.  The purpose is to begin to prepare for the 2018 Water System Sanitary Survey conducted by the State of Washington Department of Health.

The priority will be to perform work on the pump house structure and interior plumbing corrosion control.   If enough people show up we will do some vegetation removal work on the meter service boxes starting in CV1.

Meet at the pump station near the east cul-de-sac in CV1 at 10:00, bring gloves and eye protection if you have some.  I will line out the work based on numbers of volunteers.

To those interested I will demonstrate normal and emergency pumping operations of our system.

Thank you and hope to see you there!


Change in Bill Pay and Deposit for CVHA

Your board has implemented the following.

The deposit and payment of funds for CVHA at times go through as many as 4 hands before a payment or deposit is made.  This results in  as many as 3 sets of financial records being kept.  This situation exists because we have a hybrid financial system from when we paid our own bills melded with electronic banking.  By allowing our accounting firm of Robin Malneritch Inc. to pay and deposit we take full advantage of electronic banking efficiencies.  Robins company is licensed, bonded and insured, she has been our accountant for 5+ years.

As deposits and bills arrive at the CVHA mailbox they are collected and entered on a log sheet to capture pertinent information.  They are batched when possible and taken to Robins office where she does the deposit or pays bills by check or direct  pay.

The CVHA treasurer and president cross reference the log sheet of financial activity with our Key bank monthly statement.  At each quarterly meeting the board will review and approve the financial activity.  At the end of the year Robin will print our final financial reports and transfer them along with the years records to CVHA.  Prior to the annual meeting the Board will review and sign off on the years financial activity.  This final product will be available at the annual meeting and will insure the independent auditors have timely access to organized financial records.

This will be a 3 month trial period to allow for any adjustments that need to be made.

Thanks to previous boards and treasurers who have helped evolve CVHA finances to this point.

G. Castellane for the current CVHA Board of Directors.

USFS project public meeting

NEW: Upcoming Project Public Meetings
WHAT: Snoqualmie Ranger District upcoming landscape scale analysis
6:30 pm -8 pm on June 27, 2017; Enumclaw Public Library**, 1700 1st St, Enumclaw, WA 98022
**Space is limited at the library. If you are planning on attending the meeting in Enumclaw, please RSVP to:
6:30 pm -8 pm on June 28, 2017; Greenwater Community Center, 59707 Hwy 410 E., Greenwater, WA 98022
WHO: All are welcome
WANTED: Your input. Come tell us what you value about this area, what you’d like to see the Snoqualmie Ranger District do on Forest Service managed lands in the southern portion of the district (formerly referred to as the White River Ranger District) – either in general or at specific locations.
The Snoqualmie Ranger District requests assistance from the community and local partners to discuss the values and benefits you feel are important in the project area. Forest Service Staff will be there to collect your ideas and suggestions as we begin this project. We will not be presenting potential activities – we are seeking ideas on how we can manage a working forest. They might include vegetation management such as timber harvest, recreational activities, and habitat enhancement to improve conditions for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife.
Please use the included map as a reference for the area under consideration at these meetings. A boundary area for this project will be determined based on input received.
Questions? Please call 360-677-2258

Hwy 410 Robbery

In case you didn’t see this in the news, there was a gun point robbery on Hwy 410, 2 weeks ago. I didn’t seem to have a lot of news-worthiness.

See link:

CVHA Quarterly Board Meeting May 13th

The CVHA quarterly Board meeting will be held on Saturday, May 13th, 10:00am, at the Greenwater Community Center.

All CVHA homeowners are welcome.

May 13 Quarterly Board Meeting Agenda

1.  Review of CVHA Calendar for upcoming events. 

2.  Summer Newsletter Assignments and due dates.   

3. Treasurers Report: Updated P & L statement and Balance sheet, quick books report and unpaid dues      report. Discuss moving some money into CD’s

4.  Update on Firewise Program in Commons between CV1 and CV2. Discuss replacing Summer Picnic with 6/3 Scotch Broom Party.  Pizza being supplied by Pierce County.

5.   Update on Tree Removal program. 

6.  Update on Tank Access Road. 

7.  Water Managers Report.   

8.  2018 Budget Discussion.   Format and development timeline. 

9.  Review of Special Meeting:  Focus discussion on Long term savings strategy.


Pierce County Firewise Program presentation

On Friday, April 21st at 6 p.m. at the Greenwater Community Center, the Pierce County Conservation District spokesman will explain the Firewise Program to the community.  Smokey Bear will be present and snacks will be provided. There will also be a showing of the film ‘Megafires’.

Pierce County, through the Firewise Program, is offering to perform a free wildfire audit of your home to assess wildfire risk and suggest measures you can take to mitigate those risks. They are also offering a chipper service (with operators) to homeowners. If you would like to take advantage of this services, you can sign up at the April 21st presentation or at

In May and June of 2017, CVHA will be partnering with Pierce County Conservation District Firewise and Habitat Improvement program.  CVHA priority will be the removal of the Scotch Broom in the Commons Area between CV1 and CV2.  Plans call for volunteers from Crystal Village and a Pierce County volunteer group(s) to remove the Scotch Broom.  Since the goal is the long term removal of the Scotch Broom, an ecological approved herbicide may be applied by Pierce County. Since Pierce County is providing the spraying service, we can be assured that all rules and regulations pertaining to spraying in our Commons Area will be followed. The final stage of the project will be plantings of native vegetation by Pierce County in the common area.

The Board of Directors has approved Jan Kobak to coordinate the Common Area project for CVHA.  She will keep the Board informed as the project timeline develops and let the Board know if any approval or action is needed for any portion of the project.  Once the final scope of the project is known the Board will conduct a review before we proceed with the Scotch Broom removal program.

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns you can comment to

Updates will be posted on the Blog as to the project develops.

Greeenwater WA