Increased Hwy 410 cell coverage

All our SR 410 communities understand the safety emergency response need and are in support for getting reliable cell signal along the SR 410 corridor. So far, the cell signal petition campaign has collected over 3,100 support responses.

As representatives of your community, please forward this email to anyone who can attend the March 19th Monday 7:30pm Fire Commissioners public meeting at 59705 SR 410 E Community Center / Fire Station.

Key individuals are planning to come to the 3/19 Fire Commissioners meeting such as Dan Roach, Councilman, Katie Gillespie, Pierce County Hazard Mitigation Emergency Management, Chris Hurst, 31st District Representative and Crystal Resort management staff.

I’m working along with other volunteers helping PCFD #26 on the Cell Signal Campaign and organizing proposal content that will be presented at a future date to one or more wireless providers. We need strong community participation at the 3/19 Monday 7:30 pm Fire Commissioners SR 410 community center meeting.

Thank you,

360-663-0446 CRR

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