Elk Needs Assistance

Today, October 10th between 9 and 10 a.m. a cow elk was seen at the east cul-de-sac of Crystal Village 1, Crystal Dr. E. This elk had a galvanized metal trap of some kind completely over her head. I called Washington State Fish and Wildlife and they will come out and assist her but they need the location. The elk appeared distressed and was moving towards the Forest Service compound or up the power line road. Unless she can remove this trap or have it removed she will likely perish from lack of water. A cursory search was made at the FS compound road and up the power line road with no results. If you see this elk note the time, place, location, direction of movement and the elks condition. You can either call my cell phone 253-736-4657 or fish and wildlife direct at 360-249-4628. Thanks to Gail Sowers for noticing and reporting this situation.


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