CVHA Water System & Common Area Maintenance

Thanks to  Jeff Barth, Diane Gebenini, and Mark Pedersen for their work removing a lot of the scotch broom. Thanks Jeff for organizing the event.

Over the last month many CVHA board members and their families worked to have trees removed that were endangering the water system and cleaned up scotch broom that was creating fire hazard. The water system tree removal project is about 60% complete. Thanks for the hard work folks!

Thanks to Paul McNabb and company who hauled 80% of the brush away for disposal in Scott’s yard. Scott, Gary and their wives hauled the limbs from CV3, Limbs from Rainbow Lane, and scotch broom. All the limbs and scotch broom were burned at Gary, Scotts’ and Gerry’s place. No chipper rental will be needed this year. These volunteers saved every homeowner money with their effort and it is much appreciated. Without this volunteer work we would need to hire contractors. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is still more scotch broom clean up to do this year and any help from the community members would be greatly appreciated. Scheduled work parties don’t seem to work for most people’s schedules. If you can help at any time, please contact us and we can work around your schedule.

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