CVHA Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Our current FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan is expiring in July of 2020.  I have attended two Pierce County Emergency Management meetings that address updating the current plan by December 31st of this year.

The plan itself allows us to apply for grants to reduce hazard threats to the CVHA water system and will expedite FEMA funding if our system is damaged by any o f the 13 of 16 hazards identified  under the plan.  A 17th hazard will be added during this update, that hazard is Wildland Fire.

Our plan is one of the smallest and I do not anticipate any difficulty with the  update .  The CVHA water system is our only asset.

A  special thank you to former CVHA president Dee Patterson who completed the plan we are now operating  under.


G. Castellane for the CVHA Board of Directors.

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