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Pierce County Sheriff Patrols

There have been a number of inquiries regarding the number of Pierce County Sheriffs seen around CV in the last week. I was able to speak with a PCS officer in CV1 today.

He said that they are stepping up patrols in the Greenwater area due to an increased number of transients seen in the vicinity of the FS 70 road. With the transients come drug activity and with drug activity comes petty theft and other criminal activity.

We are asked to report any suspicious activity, missing items (small tools, camping equipment, etc.) or illegal shooting. You can make a non-emergency online report rather than contacting the PCS directly. This online reporting might not be responded to by an officer, but all reports are reviewed by a sergeant and tracked to indicate increases in crime in a community and trigger increased PCS attention.

You can read more about the online reporting at:

Water system leak found

We would like to give a shout out to Dale Mitchell in CV2 for reporting a couple of small, unusual puddles forming near the street at his driveway.

This turned out to be a water system leak that may have leaked 15% to 20% of our average monthly water usage.

Please follow Dale’s example and let us know if you see something out of the ordinary that may indicate a water leak. You can email your report to or contact any of the Board members.

Thanks again Dale for the observation.


Community meeting with PSE

Community Meeting With Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

July 20, 2016 Wednesday 6 to 8 pm at the Hwy 410 Community Center

PSE representatives will present the transmission grid work completed, what is currently in progress, and what PSE is looking at for the coming years.

They will also discuss the formidable future project of relocating PSE’s transmission line between the old Weyerhaeuser bridge (removed years ago) and the Greenwater substation.  Numerous challenges and issues for this transmission line relocation project include the riparian zone management, the actual topographic parameters, and coordination with WSDOT, USFS, State Parks and Muckleshoot Federal Corporation.

Another topic is the voltage surges that have impacted some of the residents.  After the short presentation, most time will be reserved for Q and A.

Break-in at Crystal River Ranch

There was a recent break-in at Crystal River Ranch. We should all be especially on guard and observant.

This is the post from Jim McKinley at CRR:

We had a garage broke into today between 8:00 and 11:30 AM with tools taken near Crystal River Ranch Rd E and Alpine Dr. E.  Keep your eyes open and report suspicious vehicles and people to 911      Thanks, JIM

Scotch Broom Clean-Up Day

Who:              Crystal Village homeowners

When:           Saturday April 30     9a – 12p

Where:          Meet in commons area between CV1 and CV2

Why:              Prevent fire damage and control noxious weed

How:              If you have long-handled pruner or a Scotch Broom    puller,  bring them, otherwise we have some extra tools to share

Questions?   Contact Jeff Barth 253.630.9656

1st Quarter 2016 Board Meeting

The first quarter Board meeting will be at the Rush’s home (16608 Crystal Dr. E.), 3:30 pm, Saturday, 20 October.

All CVHA Homeowners are invited.


  1. Introduction of new Board members.
  2. Election of officers
  3. Water manager report
  4. Board  procedures – Review of Board decision making process,    External and internal communication
  5. Treasurer report
  6. Budget update
  7.  Dangerous tree removal, identify and prioritize
  8.   Introduction / discussion of six year budget development
  9.   Document paperwork responsibilities of water manager and  Board.
  10. Create guide for future Board members to follow to do required reports / paperwork.
  11. New Business

Suspicious Mail Box Activity

It was report on Friday, 15 January, there was a silver Honda Civic with customized taillights and 3 people, hanging around the mailboxes at CV1 and CV3. The driver was a female with orange/red dyed hair highlights and 2 male passengers.
If you see this vehicle around the Villages, try to get the license plate number and report it to 911 as suspicious activity.
You may also want to be sure to check for your mail daily.