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Hazard Mitigation

CVHA is currently working with Pierce County Emergency Management to update our 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan and produce a 2020-25 Edition.

Once updated and approved by FEMA, CVHA along with governments will be able to leverage emergency funding for damage.

Currently, CVHA may be affected by the following natural hazards: earthquake, landslide, volcanic, flood, severe weather, and WUI wildfire.

Our plan will identify mitigation measures we can implement to lessen the hazard impacts on our infrastructure (water system).

Part of the planning effort is community outreach for comments and other input.

Therefore, we have posted the current plan in the CVHA Docs for your review.  You can also access the plan here: 2024 – Google Drive

Email with any comments/questions.

CVHA Board of Directors

Alert: Cold Weather and CVHA Homes

Temperatures have been hovering around 5 degrees at nights for some days and not rising above freezing. In addition, the power was out for some days.  There have been two houses with frozen pipes reported.

If your house was unoccupied and does not have a standby generator for heating and did not have the water shut off and drained from the house you are at risk for damage when things thaw.

This message is cautionary only as no one can predict what may occur in individual homes.

Our water operator will be monitoring pump cycle times as thng’s thaw to see if usage indicates a leak being present.

Make any replies to


CVHA Board of Directors




Water Use Restriction Times

On October 3, 2023 there will be a Water Use Restriction in effect from 7:00 A,M, to 5:00 P.M in Crystal Village.  The restriction will be in place to perform preventative maintenance on our 60K gallon water storage tank.  The tank will be off line during the maintenance period.

During the restriction period our small emergency pressure tank system will be keeping the water lines charged with pressure, this will greatly reduce the time it takes to activate our main tank system once cleaning is completed.  The emergency pressure tank system can also supply a limited amount of water to CVHA.  During the restriction time we request that you limit or curtail water use or use water only for drinking and toilet use.

Owners of rental properties should notify any guests of these restrictions.

There is a small possibility that we may have to curtail water service during this period so you may want to fill a 5 gallon bucket with emergency water and have other water available at your home during this period.  CVHA Water Management will be doing everything possible to shorten the time restrictions are in place.

Direct any questions to or call our Water Operator Chet Mowbray at 360-688-0910.

Thank you for you cooperation.

CVHA Board of Directors



May 29th Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast hosted by Greenwater Fire PCFD 26




Greenwater FIre,  PCFD#26 will be hosting a Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast  and WIldland FIre Preparedness Education Day at the Greenwater Community Center on May 29th from 9AM to Noon.

Topics will be:

–Residential Defensible Space.

–Notification and Evacuation

–Wildland Firefighting Equipment, Strategy and Tactics.

Donations to Greenwater Firefighters Association may be made in person or at


Burglary Alert!

CV 3 Lot 1 was broken into most likely on Monday, Feb 13 at 2:15p.  Thieves used a prybar to open a steel-framed door with two deadbolts. Thieves emptied drawers and took 8-pairs of old skis, 3 old snowboards, a snow skate, printer, and tools.  Please keep your eyes open for this truck.  Notice it is a 2-door with a “Plus” cabin. Two tone paint and appears to be a Dodge??

Annual Meeting Reminder

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, January 21 at the GRCC. We will begin promptly at 6p.

  1. If you want hand-outs...print your own from the blog.
  2. If you are sick, please stay home!
  3. Agenda:
  • Meeting Protocol
  • 2022 Financial end-of-year report
    • 7140 Road Project
    • Pumphouse hazardous tree mitigation
  • Water Operation Report
    • Value of Water System components
  • 2023 Financial presentation
    • Budget
    • Approval
  • 20-year forecast update
  • Other items from the floor
  • Ballot count and seating of new officers
  • Set date for next board meeting in February