Nominations for CVHA Board

Nominations for the CVHA Board are open. There are 2 Board positions up for election. Being on the Board is a great way to not only learn about Crystal Village, but also a way to help our community and shape our future.

Nominations need to be submitted by 23 Nov. to be included in the Annual letter ballot, or nominations may be made at the Annual CVHA meeting on 21 Jan. 2012.

You can submit your nomination by email at or call Scott at 206.719.8436.

Mail Box Thefts

There have been a number of mail box thefts in our area in the past month. It is always best to collect your mail daily to minimize the chance of theft. Please be on the lookout for any suspicious people or behaviour inthe neighborhood.

Saving our water system main lines

The Board has voted to begin cutting all trees that are growing on the utility right-of-way, where the water system main lines run. This applies to all 3 villages, but CV1 will be of prime interest.

The tree roots pose a threat to the water lines. We have already had problems with damage from the tree roots.

Generally, the main lines run about 5 feet towards the street, from your water meter / shut off valve. This area is on the road / utility right-of-way and not on private property. If the homeowner would like to remove the trees on the right-of-way in front of their property, they are free to do so. Otherwise, the Association will cut down the trees.

If you have any question regarding thelocaction of the water lines near your property, please call Gary at 663.2412

Weyerhaeuser Water System Transfer

We are currently talking with the Forest Service regarding access to our water storage tank via FS Road #7140. The Forest Service wants to close FS 7140, which would leave us without access to the storage tank.

Anyone with knowledge of the arrangement between Weyerhaeuser and the Forest Service when the water tank was installed (1986) or the transfer of Weyerhaeuser property to the Forest Service in February 2001, please contact me. We need documents, meeting notes, recollections, ect. to help make our case with the Forest Service. I can be reached by phone at 206.719.8436 or email at


Scott Rush

CVHA History

If anyone has old newsletters, Annual Meeting or other Board meeting minutes, notes or documents, etc, relating to the general history or business history of Crystal Village, please let us know. We would like to build an archive of all these old documents to remember where we’ve been to help us go forward. We can use copies or scans of the documents. They can be sent to CVHA, 17222 Crystal Dr. E, Greenwater WA 98022 or emailed to

Welcome to the CVHA Blog

Welcome to the Blog for Crystal Village Homeowners Association.

We will use these pages to communicate Homeowners Association Activities including: meeting schedules work party events and other association activities. Meeting minutes wil also be posted here.

Stay tuned for updates and info.

Greeenwater WA