Please read this important information from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department about the recent homcide near Greenwater: I am attempting to identify the driver of a car who picked up a homicide suspect along SR410 near Forest Road 70. This occurred between 2200 hours on Tuesday March 27th and 0030 hours on Wednesday March 28. The vehicle stopped and gave him a ride to the Greenwater General Store where he called 911. The suspect is a white male in his late 20’s early 30’s, 5’9” tall and 165 lbs. He was wearing a tan Carhartt jacket, blue jeans, and a dark base ball cap. Thanks, Detective Sergeant Brian Lund Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigation Division Homicide/Missing Persons Unit 253.798.7244

Increased Hwy 410 cell coverage

All our SR 410 communities understand the safety emergency response need and are in support for getting reliable cell signal along the SR 410 corridor. So far, the cell signal petition campaign has collected over 3,100 support responses.

As representatives of your community, please forward this email to anyone who can attend the March 19th Monday 7:30pm Fire Commissioners public meeting at 59705 SR 410 E Community Center / Fire Station.

Key individuals are planning to come to the 3/19 Fire Commissioners meeting such as Dan Roach, Councilman, Katie Gillespie, Pierce County Hazard Mitigation Emergency Management, Chris Hurst, 31st District Representative and Crystal Resort management staff.

I’m working along with other volunteers helping PCFD #26 on the Cell Signal Campaign and organizing proposal content that will be presented at a future date to one or more wireless providers. We need strong community participation at the 3/19 Monday 7:30 pm Fire Commissioners SR 410 community center meeting.

Thank you,

360-663-0446 CRR

CVHA Board Meeting 3/15/12

Here is the agenda for The March Board Meeting. 6p at Jeff Barth’s home: 16804 Rainbow Lane.

March 15, 2012 CVHA Board Meeting Agenda

Election of Board Officers
Old Business
1) Reading and approval of January 2012 meeting minutes
2) FS 7140 road closure update
3) Water Manager Report
4) Trees on water right of way; scope of project, etc.
5) Treasurer’s Report

New Business
1) Fire Hydrant plan in CV1
2) Parked bus in CV1 / parked non-operating vehicles
3) CV 1 Culvert

CVHA Quarterly Meeting

The next CVHA Quarterly Board meeting will be Thursday, March 15th, 6pm at Jeff Barth’s home in CV 1,16804 Rainbow Lane. All homeowners are welcome to attend.

Preliminary Board Meeting Agenda

Old Business

1) Reading and approval of January 2012 meeting minutes

2) FS 7140 road closure update

New Business

1) Water Manager report

2) Election of Board Officers

3) Fire Hydrant plan in CV1

4) Treasurer Report

Hwy 410 cell coverage

Please read the following regarding an effort to get better cell phone coverage on the HWY 410 corridor. This is a big safety and convenience benefit for all of us.

If you travel along Highway 410, this campaign “CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?” needs your input. Go to this link to register your support for improving cell phone signal coverage.

Lack of reliable signal from any of the wireless providers along the Hwy 410 corridor often delays the help response to an emergency. Our local Pierce County Fire District #26 continues to have multiple communication issues due to the lack of reliable cell phone coverage. WSDOT in 2007 recorded over 720,000 vehicles on Hwy410. Yearly traffic is now locally estimated close to 1 million.

A signature petition drive will also be launched early 2012. Website responses and collected signatures will be compiled for planned meetings with primary wireless providers.

Names and email addresses collected in this campaign will not be made public or given to any 3rd party marketing firm.

Nominations for CVHA Board

Nominations for the CVHA Board are open. There are 2 Board positions up for election. Being on the Board is a great way to not only learn about Crystal Village, but also a way to help our community and shape our future.

Nominations need to be submitted by 23 Nov. to be included in the Annual letter ballot, or nominations may be made at the Annual CVHA meeting on 21 Jan. 2012.

You can submit your nomination by email at or call Scott at 206.719.8436.

Greeenwater WA